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Waterproof NoFlyCone™


“Mark the spot and Catch Flies while Poop Dries”

The NoFlyCone™ is designed to catch flies where they breed. Flies breed and lay eggs in dog, horse and cattle feces. By simply covering fresh stools or poopper-scoopers for a short time, this fly trap catches insects coming to lay eggs without attracting others.
It’s that simple. No attractant needed. No smell, non-toxic. Place in garden between uses to catch garden pests. Assembly and clean-up is simple. Fold and discard when full.

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Height: 9″
Width: 14″
Color: Hunter Green
Waterproof Handle
Water-resistant Bottom



The cleanest and most effective fly trap!

The NoFlyCone™ is a green-clean fly trap with no attractant. Traps that use an attractant defeat the purpose of the exercise by attracting flies from a great distance. Place NoFlyCone™ over fresh stools or cover pooper-scoopers to stop fly breeding. Non-Toxic glue dome traps the flies, stopping the egg laying cycle.




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